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Exclusive Offer Introduces our New Heart Health Series June 1st, 2011

Save $50 Heart Health CollectionDear Valued Customer,

This month, let us help you make your healthy program even healthier (and more enjoyable).

We’ve assembled a collection of the right supplements, snacks and delicious recipes that you can use to support your heart.

Seize this offer while supplies last and you will save $50 on two months of heart-healthy products plus receive a hardcover copy of the Kardea Gourmet. No promo code is needed, but the product collection is only available through this email.*

And now we’d like to introduce our new series on Optimal Heart Health, in collaboration with Kardea Nutrition.

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At the Heart of Longevity

A healthy cardiovascular system is essential for a long and active life.   Avoiding heart disease and stroke is a clear benefit, but maintaining mental and physical abilities in later life are closely tied to the healthy flow of blood.   

In their new book, Smart and Delicious Eating for a Healthy Heart, Mayo clinic trained cardiologist, Dr. Richard Collins, and food passionisto Rob Leighton provide a clear understanding of how to use delicious foods to optimize heart health. 

For Dr. Collins, the book served to advance his work in preventative cardiology, showing people how to properly cook, eat well, control cholesterol, and have long, healthy and delicious lives.

For Rob Leighton, the book grew out of a personal journey to reduce his cholesterol naturally and without the use of medications -- a journey that motivated him to create Kardea Nutrition, the producers of the Kardea gourmet nutrition bars.

In the book, the authors explore the role of supplements to support heart health. Many of the supplements, including plant sterols, soluble fibers and Omega-3 are available through Ray & Terry’s.

What are the right levels of these three key nutrients? 
The heart health community, including the American Heart Association and the National Institutes of Health, recommends 2-3 grams of plant sterols and 10-25g of soluble fibers daily. The recommendations for Omega-3s from fish oil vary, with a minimum of about 500mg per day for overall support of arterial health, to as much as 3000-4000mg per day for individuals with high levels of triglycerides.

It can be difficult to maintain the daily recommended levels. The Kardea Gourmet authors provide a roadmap for heart healthy nutrition. Ray & Terry’s wellness products provide supplements that make the journey easier, even in our hectic day.

This month, we are pleased to offer a collection that provides a 60-day supply of these nutrients.  It includes just the right amount of Mega EPA/DHA omega-3s, Plant Sterol Complex, Kardea bars with soluble fiber and plant sterols, and a copy of the Kardea Gourmet: Smart & Delicious Eating for a Healthy Heart.

Health News Radar

Start Early for Max Benefit from Melatonin

A new (animal) study on melatonin indicates that supplemental or dietary melatonin may help reduce weight gain and improve lipid profiles amongst individuals with metabolic syndrome. The benefits were seen for intervention at a young age.

Abdominal Fat Linked to Dementia

Controlling your weight is one of the most important ways to reduce your risk of dementia, heart disease, stroke, diabetes and more. This study showed a link between being overweight in middle-aged and developing dementia.

Caffeine Cuts Pain

Turns out caffeine can cut post-exercise pain and aid mental focus. Only moderate intake is needed to generate these benefits. In a 2003 study, caffeine was more effective than aspirin and ibuprofen at reducing muscle pain.

More is More with Vitamin D

More Vitamin D might be needed to maintain adequate blood levels for optimal benefits. The newest report in Anticancer Research (Feb 2011) indicates that a daily dose 4,000 – 8,000 IUs had some very important benefits.

Stay tuned for more special offers and resources!

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Best wishes for great health!
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  2. Heightened HDL cholesterol levels
  3. Elevated fasting blood sugar
  4. Larger abdominal circumference
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Exclusive Offer Introduces our New Heart Health Series June 1st, 2011


*No coupon required for the special heart health collection price. Regular retail value is $165.20, discounted to $115.25 when package is ordered through the link in this email. Combination includes: 1 bottle 120 count Mega EPA/DHA, 1 bottle 120 count Plant Sterols, 1 box of 15 bars each flavor (chai, lemon, banana, cranberry) and 1 copy of The Kardea Gourmet. NOTE: Flavors cannot be changed, product combination cannot be altered. You must sign in to your RayandTerry.com account in order to complete an order. Valid for retail purchases only- not valid for reseller customers. Offer expires 11:59:59 PM EST on 6/30/11.

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