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Forget Me Not

Don’t forget some of the individual supplements that don’t make too many waves. These are valuable products that are often understated.

  • Milk Thistle protects healthy liver function, detoxifying the body and blood stream.
  • Green Tea Extract enhances exercise-induced abdominal fat loss to maintain a healthy BMI.
  • Melatonin helps sleep patterns, but also extends lifespan in laboratory animals.
  • Juice Complex combines the top antioxidant berry extracts to maintain healthy cellular function.
  • Vitamin E protects the body from toxins and more, but it must be mixed tocopherols.

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DETOX for Your DNA

Toxins and poisons in your daily life are most likely damaging your health at the cellular level, even damaging your DNA.  There are many sources, from perfume to stress.

What’s the Scents? Your favorite cologne or the detergent you use on laundry may contain cancer-causing chemicals that are not listed on the labels. If tempted to ignore a little carcinogen here and there, consider the fact that some products contain 20+ toxins not listed on the label.
Minimizing your use of products such as dryer sheets, artificial scents, antibacterial soaps and more will also minimize your exposure to these dangerous chemicals. For optimal detoxification, consider all of the products that come in contact with your skin.

Skin Deep is an excellent resource for skin care and personal care products, maintained by EWG (Environmental Working Group). Find out if your choices are toxic, or make informed non-toxic choices with the help of their robust data and search tools.

Dirty Dozen, Clean Fifteen. There is a well-established list of produce items that are high in pesticide and other toxin content. It is advisable to buy organic when it comes to these. But there’s also a list of ‘good-guys’ that are typically low in contamination. These lists are a good place to start. If you can, continue to decrease your intake of conventionally-farmed produce and meats.

Eat only organic: Celery, apples, spinach, kale, bell peppers, blueberries
OK to eat conventional: Onions, avocado, cabbage, melon, eggplant

Detoxification is step 9 of TRANSCEND. For more information on pollution and detoxification, visit Ray & Terry’s Wellness Information.

Health News Radar

When Commuting Kills

A new study reveals that after short-term exposure to urban air and vehicle pollution, mice showed significant brain damage — including signs associated with memory loss and Alzheimer's disease. Original Study

Ghost Hearts Beat Again

Researchers stripped human hearts down to their protein skeleton and reseeded with human stem cells that stuck to the skeletons and began to turn into heart cells. In animal experiments, cells like these have begun to beat on their own and the same is expected to happen in human trials.

Brain Shrinkage Warns of Trouble Ahead

Alzheimer’s may give warning with shrinkage. Brain shrinkage. Scientists used brain scans to reveal shrinkage that may be apparent as much as a decade before an Alzheimer’s diagnosis. The risk was three times higher in individuals with the most shrinking.

Flouride Burn Holes in Asphalt

Flouride is actually a toxic molecule that depletes iodine levels in the body, leading to potential thyroid issues. Ray & Terry do not support water fluoridation. In fact, they recommend using filters to remove chlorine and fluoride (both harmful to the human body) from tap water before drinking, showering, cooking.

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  3. All cholesterol is ‘bad’
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Pick up Something Extra for Less May 1st, 2011


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