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Heart Health on Hefty Discount February 1st, 2011

Heart HealthDear Valued Customer,

We are truly lucky to have customers like you and we would like to thank you. Save 20% off our Heart Health category for the next two weeks only. Use promo code HEART11 in your cart to see the savings.*

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Heart Time

Here are a few of our top products for cardiovascular health

Kardea snack bars Kardea Nutrition Bars contain 1 full gram of plant sterols per bar to help lower cholesterol naturally. And they taste really good.
Ubiquinol Capsules Ubiquinol is essential if you take statin drugs. It replenishes the enzyme that the drugs reduce in the body, which eases related side effects, including muscle pain.
Mega EPA/DHA Capsules Mega EPA/DHA is our concentrated, high purity, cold-water sourced fish oil. We will soon have an enteric coated version as well.
Phosphatiidylcholine Capsules Phosphatidylcholine is often overlooked and hard to pronounce. But the depletion of this nutrient in the cells is one of the most important, and preventable, aging processes.

For the full list, see the Heart Health category page.


Why Broccoli Matters

You are not likely to be all excited to read about broccoli. But broccoli, as one of the vegetables with the strongest scientific evidence behind it, deserves a moment of your time.

Brassica, Cruciferous, Shazam?

Again and again, this vegetable makes the list of top healthy foods. What is so alluring about broccoli? It is one of a few vegetables that can help significantly reduce heart disease. "Of the more than 100,000 individuals who participated in seven prospective studies, those whose diets most frequently included broccoli, tea, onions and apples (foods rich in flavonoids) gained a 20% reduction in their risk of heart disease!"

Sulforaphane -- a compound occurring naturally in broccoli and other brassicas -- could "switch on" a protective protein which is inactive in parts of the arteries vulnerable to clogging.

As a cruciferous vegetable, broccoli also helps keep arteries clear by boosting the body’s anti-inflammatory defenses against plaque build-up at critical bends and kinks.

Phyto, Glucosi-what?

Broccoli contains plenty of phytonutrients, but the unique potential of this and other cruciferous vegetables lies in glucosinolates, indicated for their powers to detoxify the body and potentially prevent cancer and other diseases.

One of the most important glucosinolates in broccoli is glucoraphanin, which converts to suforaphane. Scientific names aside, this nutrient has been widely studied for its powers of prevention. Some researchers have even been working to create super-broccoli.

"…hundreds of scientific papers, based on epidemiological data supported by experimental studies with cell and animal models and more recently small-scale human intervention trials, have been published detailing the effects of sulforaphane on cardiovascular disease, certain forms of cancer, diabetes, as well as degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.”

Nutrition is step 4 of TRANSCEND. For more information on what to eat and why, visit Ray & Terry’s Wellness Information.

Health News Radar

Top 10 Genetic Findings of 2010

“Our understanding of the human genome is accelerating at a phenomenal rate.” 23andMe released a list of what they feel are the 10 most interesting and significant genetic findings in 2010, as part of an ongoing journey to understand the role of genetics in personal health and human development.

Happy Birthday to World’s Healthiest Foods

Happy Birthday to World’s Healthiest Foods, celebrating their 10th year. The award winning non-profit organization is committed to teaching healthy cooking and eating. Learn quick delicious recipes that can heal you and help you preserve good health.

Inflammation Immune Cell Switch Discovered

Scientists have found a protein that acts as a "master switch" to determine whether certain white blood cells will boost or dampen inflammation, a finding that may help the search for new drugs for rheumatoid arthritis.

Everyone Should Reduce Salt Consumption

According to a new American Heart Association Advisory, it’s time for everyone to seriously hold the salt. Causing more than just high blood pressure, kidney, heart and blood vessel damage are also results of high sodium intake. Sodium consumption is currently more than two times higher than the recommended upper limit of 1,500 mg daily, with 77 percent of that consumption coming from packaged, processed and restaurant foods. Read more at KurzweilAI.net

The KurzweilAI.net blog now offers weekly health tips. Fresh posts each Thursday night will help you stay up to date on health news for the future.

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"Your book had such a profound effect on my life that I've ordered copies for my family. I'm only 32 years old, but after adopting the many of the diet, supplement, and exercise principles, I've lost over 10 pounds in just over a month. I also feel the best I've felt since I was a teenager, despite working 50-70 hours a week."

-Hugo G., NYC

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Healthy Trivia

Which of these factors affect your cholesterol levels?

  1. 95 different genes
  2. What you eat
  3. Your activity level
  4. All of these

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The much-anticipated film chronicling the life and controversial ideas of inventor, futurist, and author Ray Kurzweil is coming in February 2011!

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Heart Health on Hefty Discount February 1st, 2011


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