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It’s Our Best Sale of the Year January 1st, 2011

15% OFF All ProductsDear Valued Customer,

We’re happy to help you fight aging every day of the year. But, since most of our customers like to stock up in January, we’re having our best sale this month.

Save 15% off every single product in the store for the whole month with any size order. Shop now with code RTSJAN.*

Don’t forget, you can save even more if you buy 3 or more bottles of most of our products.

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Go Your Own Way Transcend Personal Health Survey

It’s always the right time to start living longer. To help you along, everything is on sale this month.

Start with a foundation of multi-vitamin, mineral, antioxidant and omega-3 supplementation.

The easiest and most economical way to do this is to take our personalized survey and start using your Personalized Packet combination. You will get one month’s worth of convenient packets containing the base supplementation that is right for you.

For more aggressive anti-aging, add products that target your personal concerns. These are some of the most popular choices.

Vitamin D is advised for mostly everyone
Memory Support and brain exercise keep you sharp
Immune Formula developed and used at Terry’s clinic
Phosphatidylcholine makes Ray’s top-ten list
Mood & Sleep Support newly improved formula for relaxation
Supreme Shake Mix for a sugar-free sweet fix


To CR or Not to CR

Caloric Restriction

Restricting calories is the most powerful approach that we know for maintaining health and extending human longevity. “What has been clearly shown is that caloric restriction is beneficial for insulin sensitivity and other markers of health and aging.” 

Practicing extreme caloric restriction can increase anxiety and cortisol levels, which is counterproductive. How can you get the benefits?

Ray KurzweilRay: Focus on foods with low caloric density. This way, you can consume more food and still maintain the same weight, which makes you feel more satisfied and less cheated. Plus, foods like this are usually healthy choices (think soups, legumes, vegetables, fish). Reduce your daily caloric intake by 10% and look ahead for products (drugs or supplements) that will mimic caloric restriction.

Terry GrossmanTerry: Try mini-daily fasts. Fasting can help you maintain an optimal weight and improve your cellular health. Eating basically stresses-out your cells, and taking a regular break is helpful for your body. If you stop eating at 7pm each night and do not eat until 7am the next morning, you will have achieved a 12 hour fast.



  • Eat a good breakfast. One of Terry’s favorites, a traditional Japanese Breakfast includes foods like miso, salmon, nori and brown rice.
  • Put veggies first. When vegetables are the focus, and protein the garnish, you automatically will chew longer for fewer calories. Mix the colors for a variety of plant compounds, which fight cancer and protect your eyes, immunity, heart and more.
  • Choose for the right carbohydrates. Quinoa, a complete protein, is a super-healthy whole grain. Lentils are low in calories, but high in satisfaction.
  • You need your fats. Nuts, avocados, fish and extra virgin olive oil boost your brain and your health.
  • Significantly reduce calories without deprivation. Try a Supreme Shake for a snack or dessert.

Caloric Restriction is step 6 of TRANSCEND. Visit our site for an explanation of each of the Nine Steps to Living Well Forever.


Health News Radar

Vitamin D RDAs Officially Increase

The Institute of Medicine reviewed volumes of research and, after much deliberation, significantly increased the recommended intake of vitamin D across the board. Although main stream media downplays supplementation, there is no denying the health benefits of this nutrient, found in very few food sources.

Aspirin Linked to Cancer Reduction

Recent study results indicate that “taking low doses of aspirin can reduce the risk of many kinds of cancer… and the evidence is strong enough to suggest people over 40 should take it daily as protection.”

Eat Your Sprouts to Cut Cancer Risk

Last year, Brussels sprouts appeared in several scientific magazines for their ability to fight cancer. They may also have unique health benefits in the area of DNA protection, according to a study.

Was Your Genetic Testing Useful?

Genetic testing continues to improve, along with our understanding of the results. Last year, almost 60% of genetic test purchasers learned something from their results that they can actually use to improve their health.

The KurzweilAI.net blog now offers weekly health tips. Fresh posts each Thursday night will help you stay up to date on health news for the future.

Stay tuned for more special offers and resources!

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Best wishes for great health!
Ray & Terry's Longevity Products

Ray Kurzweil and Terry Grossman, M.D.



"After reading Fantastic Voyage, I was able to find a local physician engaged in life extension medicine and have worked with her ever since. Without this complimentary website service, I may have not begun a life extension program. My thanks to Ray and Terry!"

-Charley W., Louisville, KY

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Healthy Trivia

Which of the following does not increase your chance of developing heart disease?

  1. Age over 45 years old
  2. Being a man
  3. Low glycemic diet
  4. Elevated blood pressure
  5. Depression

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It’s Our Best Sale of the Year January 1st, 2011


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