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October 1st, 2012

All Vegetarian Products on Sale

Dear Valued Customer,

We offer several of our custom formulas in vegetarian capsules. But since our personalized packets are not yet available with exclusively vegetable-based products, we advise that vegetarians select the individual options needed to craft a personal regimen.

To help, we are offering a vegetarian-only sale this month. No code is needed, just shop from the vegetarian category and receive 10% off included products.*



Vegetarian Special

Sometimes it’s hard to find supplements designed with vegetarians in mind. This is particularly true of oil-filled products.

Did you know it is difficult to make a vegetable-based capsule that can hold oils? There are a few options, but most require very large batches. That’s why you see more vegetarian options in two-piece (dry-fill) capsules and mostly gelatin for liquid-filled capsules.

To keep our batches fresh and our costs feasible, we can’t always offer vegetarian alternatives, but we are working to add more veggie products. Here are some of the highlights we currently offer.

ALA/ALC/Carnosine/GSE is one of our original anti-aging formulas.

  • Increase energy
  • Fight aging
  • Decrease wrinkles
  • Cellular integrity

Total Eye Care was created at Terry’s clinic to provide nutrients specifically studied for eye preservation in the age related eye disease study (AREDS).

  • Nourish and protect eyes
  • Unique formula designed by Ray & Terry
  • Based on Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS)

Astaxanthin is a unique natural antioxidant that has been proven to nourish the eyes and brain. Our vegetarian liquid-cap holds 4mg of patented Zanthin®.

  • Potent carotenoid antioxidant
  • Promotes healthy anti-inflammatory response
  • Formulated with Zanthin® for eye health

B-12 comes in a sublingual tablet to start absorption as soon as it dissolves in your mouth. Deficiency is common for vegetarians/vegans, individuals over 65, and those who have had stomach surgery.

  • Increased energy
  • Improve mood
  • Fight fatigue 
  • Common deficiency

Lypospheric Vitamin C uses an advanced gel-form vitamin C delivery system. It’s super-absorbable and effective, plus contains phospholipids.

  • Significant bioavailability
  • Nanotechnology you can use today
  • Easy to swallow
  • With essential phospholipids

Take a look at the full category, including supplements to support immune health, hormonal balance, digestion, and cholesterol levels.


B-12 and You

The vegetarian diet is a heart healthy diet. However, there are several key nutrients that are not plentiful in a vegetarian diet.

New research indicates that vegetarians, and especially vegans, may have an increased risk of heart disease because of a dietary tendency towards inadequate intake of omega-3 and vitamin B12. 

Vegetarians that have low levels of B-12 in their blood may have low arterial function as well, leaving them susceptible to heart disease. In one study, vitamin B-12 supplementation improved arterial function in vegetarians with subnormal vitamin B-12 levels.

Vitamin B-12 levels also decline with age and after stomach surgery, due to lower absorption rates. We suggest that you discuss testing with your doctor during your next physical, if you suspect your levels are low.

Omega-3s are commonly known to help protect heart health. The most common source is fish oil, but of course there are algae-based formulas as well. Vegetarians should be aware that the levels of EPA and DHA are typically lower in algae-based options (with the ratio favoring DHA). It is also important to note that DHA alone is not sufficient and EPA should also be included for optimal benefit.

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Health News Radar

Cancer Study Published on RoundUp and GM Corn
Last month, a heavily publicized study indicated that the world’s best-selling weed killer and genetically modified corn can cause tumors, multiple organ damage, and lead to premature death.

Ray Kurzweil’s Next Book is Coming
Ray Kurzweil’s next book — How to Create a Mind: The Secret of Human Thought Revealed — will be published Nov. 13 and is currently available for pre-order. The book explores the brain to understand precisely how it works.

Robo-Prostate Surgery
Men who get robot surgery for prostate cancer have fewer short-term complications than men whose procedure is done the old-fashioned way - but the newer treatment is pricier, according to a new analysis of close to 30,000 patients.

Study Divides Breast Cancer Into Four Distinct Types
In findings that are fundamentally reshaping the scientific understanding of breast cancer, researchers have identified four genetically distinct types of the cancer. And within those types, they found hallmark genetic changes that are driving many cancers. 

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