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September 1st, 2013

Help Weight Fall and Energy Rise with This Sale

Dear Valued Customer,

Weight loss CategoryTo maintain overall health, it is important to support proper digestive function and optimal weight. Sometime this is a daunting task, but having the right products at hand can help.

Dietary supplements can help put the oomph back in your digestive tract and assist in burning calories more efficiently.

This month, we are discounting all weight management and digestive products. Use code FALL13 to receive 10% off these categories.*


Falling Weight

You can increase calorie burn, improve energy production, and support healthy digestion with nutritional supplements. Beat cravings with healthy snack options and augment meals with nutritional shakes. Everything you need to maintain your optimal weight and gastro-intestinal function is on sale this month.

Advanced Probiotic provides a healthy population of digestive bacteria, replacing your body’s reserves. Our effective formula contains multiple strains for balance.

Advanced Probiotic

• Stay strong against pathogens
• High potency
• No refrigeration required
• Improve absorption and digestion
• Non-dairy and vegetarian

Digestive Matrix replenishes your digestive enzymes so that your system can break down food more efficiently.

Digestive Matrix

• Utilize food more efficiently
• Improve digestive health
• Relieve gas or bloating
• Reduce indigestion, heartburn, irregularity


Ultra TLC is an enjoyable and easy way to include more fiber in your diet. For better weight loss and increased heart health, fiber is an important dietary component. Most people do not get enough

Ultra TLC

• Tame cravings and reduce appetite
• Lower cholesterol
• Support healthy blood pressure
• Reduce post-meal blood sugar swings

Green Coffee Bean Complex includes several thermogenic ingredients to maximize weight loss. Extract from green coffee bean helps support glucose management and fat metabolism.

Green Cofee Bean

• Promote fat metabolism
• Support healthy glucose levels
• Reduce weight
• Decrease body mass

Supreme Shake Mix complements all dietary needs. Our proprietary formula is made of all health-promoting ingredients and can be used by individuals seeking weight loss, healthy snacks, a convenient nutrient source, or diabetic support.

Supreme Shake Mix

• No sugar or artificial ingredients
• Excellent nutrition
• Three great tasting flavors
• Fiber, omega-3s, protein
• Weight management

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Glycemic Overload

Not all carbs are bad. The key is the glycemic index of a carbohydrate food, which indicates how quickly the food is digested and releases glucose into your bloodstream.

Simple carbohydrates break down quickly and hit your system with a glucose rush, which triggers an insulin spike. Eventually, this spike (and subsequent sharp drop) can lead to insulin resistance, which is the main cause of metabolic syndrome.

Not convinced? This is what sugar (a simple carbohydrate) does to your body: http://www.rayandterry.com/blog/sugar-the-white-satan

Complex carbohydrates have a lower glycemic impact and break down slowly in your system. These tend to have more fiber and nutrient content and should be included in a healthy diet.

  • Aim for 33-40% daily calories from low-glycemic carbs*
  • Choose complex carbohydrates
  • Avoid sugar and try stevia instead
  • Pick foods high in fiber

*Note: If you are type 2 diabetic, trying to lose weight, have metabolic syndrome, are addicted to sweets, or have a high risk of heart disease, we suggest the Low-Carbohydrate Corrective Diet. For specific guidelines on this diet, please see Chapter 4, Carbohydrates and the Glycemic Load, of Fantastic Voyage: Live Long Enough to Live Forever.

Our Supreme Shakes do not contain any sugar. Instead, we use stevia to provide sweetness.

Learn more about Nutrition as part of the TRANSCEND program.



Health News Radar

Depression Speeds Diabetics Mental Decline
In a study of middle-aged and older people with type 2 diabetes, declines in thinking and memory that are often linked to later dementia happened faster in those who were depressed compared to those who were not.

Tiny Lab-Grown Heart Beats on Its Own
Heart failure, an especially dire form of illness in which the organ ceases to pump adequately, affects roughly 26 million people worldwide. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh medical school have made a significant breakthrough on this front: They created a heart that beat on its own.

Foods that Battle Pancreatic Cancer
Scientists have performed studies that indicate celery and artichokes can kill pancreatic tumor cells in humans. The enzymes in these vegetables prompt cancer cells to self-destruct.

Virus-derived particles target blood cancer
Ottawa researchers have developed unique virus-derived particles that can kill human blood cancer cells in the laboratory and eradicate the disease in mice, with few side effects.

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