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August 5the, 2013

Target Your Needs and Save

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Anti-Aging CategoryThis month, you can choose formulas for your specific concerns and save on the products and on your shipping.

Our targeted products are currently on sale for 5% off with code AUGTAR. This discount applies to all of the shipping methods as well, so even if you are shipping outside of the US, you will save a little extra this month when you choose a targeted formula.*

If you’d like to save even more, order now and enjoy free standard shipping on orders of $100 or more, no matter what category you choose from.**

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Get Specific

General supplementation is beneficial for foundational health. With a strong foundation comes more energy and increased sense of wellbeing.

Targeted Formulas

Build on a strong foundation by adding targeted products. Each individual has a different set of health concerns based on family history, personal health status, environment etc. You can address some of your specific concerns with formulas like these.

Immune Formula is a synergistic blend of nutrients designed to support optimal immune function. Your body relies on the immune system to ward off more than the occasional cold virus.


• Stay strong against pathogens
• Support immune cell activity
• With pine bark, olive leaf, curcumin and more

Dr. Grossman formulated our Total Eye Care to provide the eyes with optimal levels of the nutrients studied for preservation of sight.


•     Maintain healthy vision
•     Nourish and protect eyes
•     Based on Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS)

Total Joint Care contains a little-known ingredient called cetyl myristoleate (CM) which functions like WD-40 for your joints. This formula is designed to maintain and preserve healthy joints and connective tissues.

Acetyl glutathione

•     Support healthy joint function
•     Increase range of motion
•     Soothe muscle and tissues

Sex hormone levels change with age, contributing to imbalances that may affect prostate health. Prostate Support combines plant compounds that have historically been used to support prostate function.


•    Support male urinary tract healthg
•    Maintain healthy cell function
•    Help balance hormone levels

Target your needs and save 5% today.*

Shop Ray and Terry's Targeted Formula's



Summer Chill

There’s plenty of summer left to enjoy.
Stay healthy!

Mix up your fitness routine.

Waterskiing is a great workout for strength and balance, pushing you to utilize muscles that don’t often get attention, such as triceps.

Get out and enjoy the scenery in a kayak or canoe to tone the upper body and core.

If you’re in the mountains, challenge yourself with a hiking trip. More advanced skills? Rock climbing or spelunking might be next.

Biking, volleyball, swimming, sailing, baseball, skating, running, and even hula hooping are in season. Keep it interesting by trying something new. 

Here is a resource for trail guides all over the US. It includes water guides, biking and hiking, off-road, equestrian, and even volunteer opportunities.

Get fresh.

Try these recipes for great summer food that’s quick and healthy. The asparagus ribbon salad is a good choice when you need a new cookout side dish that doesn’t revolve around starch.

Have a drink.

Looking for summer drinks on a dietary budget? These creative beverage recipes include calorie burn information. Find out how many minutes you should go running to combat that Ginger Peach Margarita…

Sangria is based on red wine, which can be healthy in moderation. It is certainly more healthy than a margarita. This option uses pomegranate juice



Health News Radar

Silk Brain Implant for Epilepsy
Tiny biodegradable pieces of silk, implanted in the brain, may help lessen the frequency and severity of epileptics’ seizures.

Liver Buds from Stem Cells
Researchers led by Takanori Takebe, MD and Hideki Taniguchi, MD, of Yokohama City University in Japan recently reported the first 3D vascularized organ derived from stem cells in the journal Nature.

Body Maps, Plasticity, Neurological Disorders
Salk Institute researchers have demonstrated that altering the functional architecture of the brain’s cortex is possible, and that this alteration produces significant changes in parts of the brain that connect with the cortex and define its functional properties.

Late Retirement May be Better for Brain
Workers who postpone retirement are less likely to develop Alzheimer's disease and other forms of dementia known to affect the elderly than those who leave their jobs at age 60, a recent survey of nearly half a million European retirees shows.

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