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Using your program, I have lost over 50 pounds in the past 6 months and am on the way to reaching my optimum body fat percentage.  I have taken personal responsibility for my health and encouraged numerous friends and relatives to do the same.  Thank you!"
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June 1st, 2013

Savings on Convenience Products in Time for Summer

Dear Valued Customer,

Convenient Packets - SimpleConsistency is important when it comes to supplementation. In order to provide your body with adequate nutrients to stave off aging, you need to ensure there is a consistent incoming supply. To make it easier to stick to a routine, we offer convenience packets.

Perfect for travel or everyday use, all of our packets are 10% off with no minimum order right now. Take advantage of this sale with code PACKJUNE and stock up for summer.*

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Convenience for Less

Foundations should be easy to ensure they remain solid. If you avoid taking your vitamins or dread opening all the bottles, try our convenience packet options.

Longevity Multipack is a popular foundation combination that includes our original Total Care Daily Formula.


•     Convenient packets, no bottles
•     Handy for travel
•     Features our optimal multi

Anti-Aging Multipack takes it a step further, providing you with additional cellular protection in easy-to-remember convenience packets.


•     Counteract cellular damage
•     Concentrated form of CoQ10
•     Support skin elasticity

Personalized Packet Combinations take your specific needs into account, giving you a suitable foundation combination for everyday use. If you haven’t taken our personal health survey, try it today and receive Ray & Terry’s recommendations on lifestyle and supplementation to help you reach optimal health.

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Sun Exposure Safety

How much do you know about sun exposure and proper sunscreen use? Are you shopping for an option that is non-toxic and economical? Read on for a quick and easy guide to sun safety to start your summer off right.

Good Sun Exposure

Ray and Terry recommend about 15 minutes of sun exposure without the use of sunscreen during the hours before 10:00 AM and after 4:00 PM. At all other times when out in the sun for extended periods of time, cover up and use sunscreen (not sunblock) on exposed skin. An SPF of 8 or greater will reduce vitamin D formation, but if you allow the 15 minutes of sun without sunscreen, you could wear an SPF of 10-15 to protect your skin during the remainder of the day.

Skin Cancer

Melanoma rates are increasing.  More than 1 million new cases of skin cancer are diagnosed in the U.S. every year. Prevention means blocking not only UVB radiation, but UVA radiation too, too.

Scientists agree that sunscreens alone cannot reverse the increasing trend of skin cancer diagnosis. However, a good sunscreen will help prevent sunburns that are a major risk factor for melanoma – provided you use it correctly.

Sunscreen Facts

How can you protect yourself from harmful rays during extended sun exposure while avoiding toxic ingredients that often crop up in cosmetic products?

  • Avoid vitamin A in sunscreen
  • Don’t count on SPFs over 50
  • Avoid ingredients that affect hormone function

Read more surprising facts about sunscreen here: http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/9-surprising-facts-about-sunscreen/

When you are shopping for a solution, check the Environmental Working Group’s list of natural and safe sunscreen options. http://www.ewg.org/2013sunscreen/about-the-sunscreens/


Health News Radar

Reducing Caloric Intake for Nerve Health
Activating an enzyme known to play a role in the anti-aging benefits of calorie restriction delays the loss of brain cells and preserves cognitive function in mice, according to a study published in the May 22 issue of The Journal of Neuroscience.

Alzheimer’s Disease Slowed by Drug
Research recently conducted at the University of Southern California used drugs known as TSPO (translocator protein) ligands to successfully halt and even reverse the effects of Alzheimer’s in mice.

Inhalable Drug for Lung Cancer
A new drug delivery system aims to overcome this problem by allowing the drugs to be inhaled, thereby delivering the drug where it is needed while reducing the harmful effects to other organs.

RNA for Gene-Related Diseases 
Medical researchers think specially tailored RNA sequences could turn off genes in patients’ cells to encourage wound healing or to kill tumor cells. Now researchers have developed a nanocoating for bandages that could deliver these fragile gene-silencing RNAs right where they’re needed

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