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I have been using the nutritional shakes for 4 years now and have maintained a healthy weight and have supplemented that with an exercise program. Thank you for your work!
- Cyril S., Somerset, NJ


May 1st, 2013

Weigh Less & Pay Less

Dear Valued Customer,

Maintaining a healthy weight can lengthen your life and reduce your risk of many serious diseases. This month it’s easier to burn fat, increase efficiency, improve appearance, and reduce calories with natural supplements.

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Healthy Weight Management

Green Coffee Bean Extract naturally promotes effective weight loss. We offer a vegetarian extract with low caffeine and a potent complex with additional thermogenic ingredients to choose from.


•     Lose weight naturally
•     Control appetite and minimize cravings
•     Promote fat metabolism
•     Maintain healthy glucose levels

Sugar-Free Healthy Chocolates
This unique patent-pending formula is the only Xylitol and herbal-infused chocolate on the market. These are not your average sugarless chocolates.


•     6 all-natural delicious flavors
•     Healthy glucose absorption
•     Weight-loss aid
•     Sugar-free, lactose-free, gluten-free

Ray & Terry’s® Supreme Nutritional Shakes offer a means of “caloric restriction without the restriction.” These are perfect for a quick and easy nutritional pick-me-up.


•     Improve metabolism
•     No sugar, artificial ingredients or fillers
•     Full nutritional complement
•     Fiber, omega-3s, protein

Visit our site to learn about the additional benefits offered by these supplements. All month long, the entire category of Weight Management supplements are offered at 20% off when you enter code WEIGHMAY during checkout.*



Ultra TLC and Shake Happiness

Have you tried the new Ultra TLC? We recently added this product to support a healthy diet. It works great by itself or along with our shake mix.

UltraTLC works to tame your cravings and curb your appetite, while making your heart healthier. Take UltraTLC before each meal and you will:

  • Feel full faster
  • Stay full longer
  • Absorb fewer calories
  • Reduce the glycemic impact

We would not choose just any fiber supplement. UltraTLC is better than the rest with its synergistic blend of the best soluble fibers, natural antioxidants from berries and cinnamon extracts, and anti-inflammatory plant sterols. 

For some tasty shake recipes, check out Ray & Terry’s Kitchen. You can add UltraTLC to any of these shakes and you’ll be having a delicious and super-healthy snack.

Try our Supreme Shake mix and the UltraTLC together this month and you will save 20% on both.*

Trying to lose weight? We can help. Terry suggests this simple eating plan to lose up to 1 pound per day: Have one of our shakes for breakfast and another for lunch. For dinner, have plenty of salad or low-carb cooked vegetables (no butter or oil, but add vinegar or herbs) plus 6 oz. lean protein (such as chicken or fish).



Health News Radar

Breakthrough: Telomerase Enzyme Mapped
The telomerase enzyme plays an important role in aging and cancer, though it remains mysterious. For the first time, researchers have solved the puzzle of how the various components of an entire telomerase enzyme complex fit together and function in a three-dimensional structure.

Coffee Linked to Longevity
Coffee is the subject of much health controversy. But growing evidence indicates that it can lengthen lifespan. There’s little doubt that coffee’s promise stems from its abundance of highly healthful polyphenol-type compounds.

Nanosponges Soak Up Toxins
Scientists creates nanosponges made up of a biocompatible polymer core, which is coated with segments of the host’s red blood cell membranes. That coating fools the immune system into identifying the sponges as the body’s own blood cells, so it doesn’t attack them.

Lab-made Rat Kidneys
Scientists have discovered yet another way to make a kidney - at least for a rat - that does everything a natural one does, researchers reported on Sunday, a step toward savings thousands of lives and making organ donations obsolete.

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