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  April 1st, 2012

Don’t Forget Where We Started, Savings on Proprietary Formulas

Dear Valued Customer,
In the past few months, we’ve launched many new products to bring you new potent ways to fight aging. But we don’t want to overshadow the solid formulations we have offered since the beginning of our company.
This time, we’re reviewing some of the strong products with which we started.
Unique Formulas
Save 10% on every product in our Unique Formulas category this month. No code is necessary.*

Proprietary Formulations

Here are some highlights on our carefully designed original products.
ALA/ALC/Carnosine/GSE is a unique combination of nutrients ideal for anti-aging and suitable for just about everyone.
  • Assist detoxification
  • Promote healthy blood sugar
  • Enhance energy production
Total Eye Care was formulated in a clinical setting by Dr. Terry Grossman to protect and nourish your eyes.
  • Maintain healthy vision
  • Protect overall eye health
  • Based on Age-Related Eye Disease Study (AREDS)
Total Joint Care includes cetyl myristoleate, an uncommon ingredient to promote healthy joint function.
  • Increase range of motion
  • Soothe muscle and tissue
  • Support collagen production
Immune Formula is a synergistic blend of nutrients to support overall immune health.
  • Stay strong against pathogens
  • Maintain healthy immune function
  • With pine bark, olive leaf, curcumin and more
Supreme Shake Mix was painstakingly formulated and tasted by Ray & Terry to get it just right. It is unparalleled in the marketplace.
  • Sugar-free with healthy stevia
  • High in protein
  • Low calorie
  • Full of nutrients
  • Three delicious flavors
And don’t forget our convenience packets:
Longevity Multipack is a popular foundation combination that includes our original Total Care Daily Formula.
  • Convenient packets, no bottles
  • Handy for travel
  • Features our optimal multi
Anti-Aging Multipack takes it a step further, providing you with additional cellular protection in easy-to-remember convenience packets..
  • Counteract cellular damage
  • Concentrated form of CoQ10
  • Support skin elasticity
Some of our new products also fall into the Unique category, as they provide special benefits not found everywhere. View the category and save 10% today, no code needed.

Springtime Feeding

Spring is here and with it comes lots of great colorful produce to eat and treat you. How healthy are some of the newly sprouted offerings?
Asparagus contains inulin, a special prebiotic that makes it in tact to the large intestine to help sustain healthy bacterial populations. Improves nutrient absorption, lowers allergies and risk of colon cancer.
Fiber and prebiotic foods, such as inulin, appears to help increase absorption of nutrients that support bone density, such as magnesium and calcium.
Here’s a pretty little spring dish using asparagus, fava beans and polenta.
Organic red peppers will add more lycopene to your diet, reducing cancer risk and protecting eye health. All bell peppers contain great amounts of antioxidants.
Creamy avocado pasta contains no cream, and lots of fresh basil. And it’s quick to make. Once in a while, when you crave a pasta dish, try this instead of fettuccini.
Carrots are naturally sweet and most tender in the spring. They do have a high sugar content for the vegetable family, but make a nice side dish in place of those high starch corn or potato options.
Easy Herbal Sauce for flavorful dishes
In Argentina, chimichurri is used like we use ketchup - as a condiment that adds flavor and color to food. Using a bunch of fresh herbs, this is one to try.
Kale may not excite you. But it helps detox, fight cancer and lower cholesterol. What can’t kale do?
In fact, just about any green food is healthy. Collard greens, mustard greens, turnip greens, spinach, kale... they all come out in the spring. Visit your farmer’s market and try a new vegetable dish this week in honor of spring.

Health News Radar

Can You Build a Human Body?
The Bionic Bodies series on the BBC News website looks at how bionics can transform people's lives. Watch video clips of bionic bodies, plastic hearts and mind control, and analyze the potential to take the technology even further, enhancing the body to superhuman levels.
Potential for Combating Loss of Muscle Mass
"Mice with the myostatin gene removed grow more muscle, and researchers have been looking into therapies for muscle wasting based on this mechanism for a number of years. Here is another confirmation that myostatin is involved in age-related changes in muscle mass and strength via its effect on stem cells: "Human aging is accompanied by a progressive loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia)."

Robotic Surgery May be Costlier but Safer
Would you rather pay more for the exact hands of a robot to perform your surgery?

Patients who have robot-assisted surgeries on their kidneys or prostate have shorter hospital stays and a lower risk of having a blood transfusion or dying -- but the bill is significantly higher, a study found. The less invasive procedures may be more efficient.

Supplements and Poison Control
The U.S. National Poison Data System published its annual report. There are 60 billion doses of vitamin and mineral supplements taken per year in the USA, with zero fatalities reported.
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