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March 1st, 2013

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One Day Sale on All Products

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New Optimized Glutathione Capsule

Glutathione works within the cells as a potent antioxidant and regulates metabolic processes in the human body. Research links depletion of glutathione to every major aging process in the human body.

Our new 300mg acetyl glutathione provides optimal one a day dosing in a single capsule.

  • Absorbable at cellular level
  • Regulates metabolic function
  • Anti-aging properties
  • Assists detoxification
  • Efficient once a day dosage
  • Enhance blood health

Acetyl-glutathione is well absorbed orally and assimilated by the cells. How? Amino acids must be escorted by a transport molecule to successfully infiltrate the cells. Acetyl-glutathione, which is produced in the liver, travels to the tissues unharmed because of its acetyl component.

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Mineral Health

The best way to get proper intake of minerals is through food and we do not recommend high supplement levels of these substances. However, some minerals are common deficiencies in modern humans, such as magnesium or calcium. Here are some of the top minerals and how they work in the body.

Calcium has many roles in the body. Most importantly, it helps maintain healthy bones and teeth. It is also involved in blood clotting and nerve transmission. Various enzymes require calcium for muscle contraction, fat digestion and protein metabolism.

Iron supplements should only be used when prescribed by a doctor for deficiency and/or anemia. Excess iron can contribute to atherosclerosis in men.

Magnesium helps use calcium and vitamin D to create strong skeletal material. It protects heart health, reduces blood pressure and the risk of heart disease, and even increases survival rate after heart attack.

Potassium assists in regulating blood pressure. It also helps control pH levels, muscle activity, nerve cells, and heart rate.

Selenium is toxic in large amounts, but a small amount is necessary to all animals for cellular function. Selenium is a component of the antioxidant enzymes glutathione peroxidase and thioredoxin reductase.

Zinc is essential for immune system function. It appears to possess antiviral activity and helps regulate immune system function, natural killer cells, T-lymphocytes, and interleukin II.

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Health News Radar

Deep Brain Stimulation for Parkinson’s
A device that delivers electrical shocks directly into the brain has been shown to alleviate symptoms in people with early stage Parkinson’s disease better than the best treatments being used today. This technique could be used as the first line of attack against the disease at the earliest detection of symptoms.

Better Cancer Detection
Mitchell Lerner at the University of Pennsylvania and associates have revealed a technique that uses an array of carbon nanotube transistors on a silicon chip to detect a biomarker of prostate cancer. The technique may offer more sensitive disease detection than other methods.


Greater Stroke Insight Gained
A part of the brain's ability to shield itself from the destructive damage caused by a stroke has been explained by researchers. Researchers examined brain cells that are starved of oxygen during stroke switch into survival mode.

Mediterranean Diet Wins Again
In a randomized trial in Spain in high-risk people, those who ate the Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil or mixed nuts saw a reduction in the rate of major cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes by nearly 30 percent compared with a control group eating a low-fat diet.

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