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quote I have been following your plan rigorously… the positive changes in my system are quite dramatic, and I expect them to only get better over time… Thank you for the benefit of your experience and insight."
- Andy W., Athens, GA
  March 1st, 2012

Unique New Product Uses NanoSpheric Delivery System

Dear Valued Customer,
Ray & Terry strive to offer you the highest performing, science-based supplements. We are pleased to announce we now carry Lypo-spheric™ Vitamin C, a cutting-edge product that uses nanospheric technology to give you better results.
Lypo-spheric Vitamin CTry this advanced product within the next two weeks and save 10% on the unit price with promo code LYPOC.*

Ultimate Absorption

Feel the difference when more vitamin C plus essential phospholipids reach your bloodstream.
  • Opens arteries
  • Clears ‘foggy’ feeling in the brain
  • Easy to swallow
  • With essential phospholipids
High doses of Vitamin C are typically difficult to absorb and many people have trouble tolerating these high levels. Much of the content is lost during the digestive process and large doses in tablet form are often hard to swallow and may cause digestive upset.
Recent clinical trials show that Lypo-Spheric™ Vitamin C is able to produce serum levels of vitamin C nearly double those theoretically possible with an oral form.
This delivery system uses tiny ‘bubbles’ of phospholipids to protect nutrients during their trip through the GI tract to the small intestine, allowing them to reach the liver intact. This system allows for as much as 800% better absorption into the bloodstream.
The results are often noticeable. Vitamin C helps open the arteries and support healthy function of most body systems, organs and processes. Satisfied clients report that they feel more energetic, less ‘foggy,’ and generally stronger.
Plus the delivery system offers the massive additional benefits of phospholipid supplementation. Essential for the health and longevity of nearly every cell in the body, the PPC (polyunsaturated phosphatidylcholine) used to create the delivery system helps improve and protect cell membranes, blood flow, memory, and more.
This is the most bio-available, health-promoting, easy-to-swallow vitamin C product on the market.

Genomics in Your Hands

The study of your DNA—genomics—is a new field of medicine and not yet used by many healthcare practitioners. However, there are common genetic variations that indicate tendencies that can be considered when developing a personal health program.
Last year, British scientists studying the genetics of aging found showed that a specific gene is strongly linked to lifespan, immunity and disease resistance (in experiments on laboratory worms).
Science continues to try to analyze and better utilize the information yielded by genetic research. “There are estimated to be over 4,000 human diseases caused by single gene defects…a new strategic plan being developed has a goal that in the next decade, scientists will be able to identify genetic bases of most single-gene disorders and gain new insights into multi-gene disorders”
Recently, researchers discovered a genetic variation that may protect those at risk for Parkinson’s. As the science develops, we hope to develop better analysis of personal genetics.

Fortunately, genetic testing continues to decrease in price and in lead time. Sequencing an entire genome could be possible in less than a day with this machine, available for less than the cost of most homes.

As the cost and the analysis both continue to improve, science is quickly developing the ability to leverage genomics to keep people healthier, longer.


Health News Radar

Circadian Rhythm and Your Eyes
The age-related degradation of the eye may be to blame for more than just glasses. "As the eyes age, less and less sunlight gets through the lens to reach key cells in the retina that regulate the body’s circadian rhythm, its internal clock."
Investing in the Fountain of Youth
"By 2030, the number of Americans older than 65 will have grown by 75 percent to 69 million, and 20 percent of the population will be older than 65 — compared with only 13 percent today.
But what if "getting old" wasn't really "getting old?" What if aging–at least the physical deteriorations that accompany it–was something that could be prevented"
Omega-3s linked to slower eye sight loss in people with retinal disease (study)
"A diet rich in omega-3 fatty acids in combination with vitamin A supplements may slow the decline in eye sight in people with retinitis pigmentosa, says a new study in the Archives of Ophthalmology." The study subjects who consumed at least .2 grams of omega-3s had as much as 40% slower eye sight loss over a year.
Hospital Throws Down $25K Prize to Decode Genetic Information
Impulse Buy? When getting genetic information is no longer a cost issue… what do you do with it?
“for the development of an interpretation and communication system that can deliver genomic information from the lab to physicians and patients.” As genomic testing becomes much less expensive, we struggle to make good use of the information.
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