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After reading Fantastic Voyage, I managed to lose 18 lbs and lowered my LDL to within a normal range. As an engineer, I appreciate the methodical, scientific approach taken by you for longevity factors."
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January 1st, 2013

Celebrating Your Happy
and Healthy New Year

Dear Valued Customer,

Happy New Year!

Time to beat the winter blues with healthy living. It is amazing how good you feel when you adopt a healthy routine.

Signals Skin Care System

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This month, stay tuned as we focus on a different category each issue, bringing you more information and special offers for a variety of health promoting compounds.



Solid Foundations

Do you avoid taking your vitamins? Don’t like opening all the bottles? Not sure where to begin? Here are a few easy foundations.

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Anti-Aging Multipack takes it a step further, providing you with additional cellular protection in easy-to-remember convenience packets.

  • Counteract cellular damage
  • Concentrated form of CoQ10
  • Support skin elasticity

Personalized Packet Combinations take your specific needs into account, giving you a suitable foundation combination for everyday use.

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Like Lipids and Water

Vitamins have a wide range of biochemical functions in the body. They are also stored differently, depending on type. There are 13 vitamins used in the human body, which are further classified as water- or fat- soluble.

Water-soluble vitamins dissolve easily in water and are readily excreted by the body. Since they are not stored over the long term, it is important to maintain a consistent intake on a daily basis.

Vitamin C has a short life in the body. As such, higher doses are more effective. However, the body is only able to effectively process a limited amount from tablets, no matter how many milligrams are contained in each dose. To help increase the absorption, delivery systems such as our Lypospheric nanodelivery method have been developed. With this technology, more of the vitamin reaches the cells and maximizes the antioxidant and detoxification benefits.

B Vitamins come in 8 different types. They are involved in enzyme function, which affects a wide range of body processes. B vitamins support energy production and circulatory function. A balanced formula is recommended for general use.

Deficiency is common for vitamin B-12 and has been linked to cognitive dysfunction in older adults. A vegan diet is often deficient in B-12. Sublingual delivery for this vitamin is more effective than standard tablets.

Fat-soluble vitamins are best absorbed when taken with foods containing a little bit of fat. The lipids help process the vitamins for absorption in the intestines. Because they are stored in the body, optimal daily intake is typically lower for these vitamins than for water-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A is used to regulate cell and tissue growth and development. However, it can be toxic in high doses, particularly when the dose is exclusively synthetic form. Beta carotene, a natural precursor to vitamin A, is safe in higher doses and used to attain higher doses of this vitamin safely.

Vitamin D has been shown to be safe in doses as high as 10,000 IUs. The RDA was recently revised to 600-800 IU per day (age-dependent). Blood levels are often low, due to limited sun exposure and other factors. We recommend having your level tested at your next physical. Most people should take 1,000 – 1,500 IU per day to maintain optimal levels.

Vitamin E has 8 subfractions. Cheap sources of this vitamin may contain just d-alpha tocopherol. There is a danger associated with supplementing only with alpha tocopherol. We offer a balanced formula containing mixed tocopherols.

Vitamin K should be procured primarily through diet. It is found in leafy greens, eggs, raw cabbage, and fermented foods, to name a few sources. Individuals who are taking blood thinning medications such as warfarin or Coumadin, need to be aware that vitamin K affects clotting. Change in intake of this vitamin may change the prescribed dose of medication. Physicians typically recommend stabilizing intake of foods containing vitamin K. Discuss your diet with your doctor and keep up with regular blood testing to avoid complications. 

For more information on vitamins: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vitamin

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Health News Radar

Pesticide Chemical Linked to Food Allergies
A 2012 study reported that high levels of dichlorophenols, a chemical used in pesticides and to chlorinate water, when found in the human body, are associated with food allergies. It is not clear whether this is a cause or effect of the allergies, but a link has been established.

Study Finds Enzyme Helps Regulate Obesity
A new study reversed obesity in lab animals by manipulating the production of an enzyme known as tyrosine-protein kinase-2 (Tyk2). The researchers discovered that Tyk2 helps regulate obesity in mice and humans through the differentiation of a type of fat tissue known as brown adipose tissue (BAT).

Longer Unhealthy Life? That’s Not the Goal
Americans have longer, but not necessarily healthier, lives due to high rates of preventable chronic disease, according to an annual report on the nation's health released last month. Gains in life expectancy contrast with Americans' unhealthy behaviors, which have led to a 28 percent adult obesity rate, a diabetes rate of nearly 10 percent and a high blood pressure rate of more than 30 percent.

Toxic interaction in neurons that leads to dementia and ALS | KurzweilAI
Researchers at Mayo Clinic in Florida have uncovered a toxic cellular process by which a protein that maintains the health of neurons becomes deficient and can lead to dementia.

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