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We are very interested in improving our health and fitness capabilities. We have seen films on Ray's work and we believe that these steps are necessary to preserve our minds and bodies to prepare for the future of technology, particularly in medicine and nutrition.” - Meagen J.


January 1st, 2012

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Dear Valued Customer,

Happy New Year! 3 Special Offers
We love January because it represents a new year full of possibilities and advances in health science. Have you committed yourself to living a longer healthy life in 2012?


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At the end of 2011, we launched a new web site. If you have not yet explored, take a look at the improvements. As always, let us know what you think and we will continue to strive to meet your needs.


Nine Steps to Living Well Forever

Ray & Terry determined nine steps to help you live a healthier longer life. The better you maintain your health, the better your chance to benefit from the technologies that will extend lifespan even further.


Even if you already know these steps, take this opportunity to make at least one change to improve your health in 2012. Here are some suggestions you can use to follow the first three steps:


1) Talk to your doctor:

Be prepared to maximize your appointment time. Make a list of questions to discuss with your healthcare provider during your next visit. Have you scheduled your 2012 physical?


>> Next level: Consider a comprehensive health evaluation this year.


2) Relax and manage your stress:

Try a new activity this year to boost relaxation and/or memory. Start a journal, take a yoga class, join a book club, or download a brain teaser app to your smart phone.


>> Next level: Try a sleep monitor to find ways to improve your sleep quality. Zeo is one option, now available in mobile.


3) Assessment:

There are a number of early detection tests you can perform yourself (heart rate, blood pressure, body composition, fitness level, breast/testicular self exams). There are also many simple blood tests that will give you vital information.


Do you know your cholesterol level? How’s your homocysteine? This year, make it a point to know more about your own health status.


>> Next level: Get your Vitamin D levels checked at your next appointment. Just ask your doctor to run a 25(OH)D test. We advise maintaining 50 ng/dl.


For more information on the nine steps of TRANSCEND, visit Ray & Terry’s wellness resources. Later this month, we will offer additional suggestions for the remaining 6 steps, including ‘Next Level’ advanced solutions. Everyone is at a different level of health awareness and maintenance. The important thing is to do your personal best to stay healthy now.


LINK TO NINE STEPS ON SITE http://www.rayandterry.com/reprogram_your_biochemistry  


Health News Radar

Super Memory Pill
Researchers have isolated a gene that triggers Alzheimer’s. Better yet, they now believe they can develop a pill that acts as an inhibitor of the errant gene.

Reprogramming Aging
If you can program aging, it follows that you can ‘un’program it. Scientists continue to examine whether aging and death are hard-wired by evolution, or whether they can be ‘cured.’ Opinion is shifting.

Activating Longevity in the Brain
Scientists have discovered that calorie restricted diets activate a molecule, CREB1, which is linked to healthy brain functions and longevity, in the brains of mice.

America Failing on Heart Health
The American Heart Association report card is one that most would ‘lose’ on the way home. Almost every single citizen came up short in terms of heart health. Half of US children had worse scores than the adults. The country may be in store for a renewed heart disease epidemic if individuals do not take more care.


Stay tuned for more special offers and resources!

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