Ray—I would like to express appreciation to my mother, Hannah, who taught me the power of ideas; to my wife of 33 years, Sonya, who lovingly shares with me all of the big and little challenges of life and gives me confidence in the future; and to my kids, Ethan and Amy, and my daughter-inlaw, Rebecca, who inspire me every day.

Terry—My contribution to this book was only possible thanks to the help and support of my family: my parents, Louis and Irene Grossman, for teaching me to think for myself (and then not giving up on me after realizing what they had done); my children, Abraya and Jay Johnson and Sam Grossman, apples (and grape seed skins) of my eye; my grandchildren, Harrison and Lucette, whose growth and successes I look forward to celebrating throughout this remarkable century ahead (and beyond); and Karen, wife, best friend, muse, sounding board, in-house psychologist . . . and more.

We would both like to thank our support team of many multitalented individuals who provided fellowship, friendship, love, and support and were instrumental in helping bring this project to fruition: Shannon Welch, our highly skilled editor at Rodale, who helped guide this project and went well beyond the “call of duty” by agreeing to serve as the female model in the book; Karen Rinaldi, Rodale’s publisher, who provided many resources, support, and guidance; and the rest of our outstanding Rodale team: Chris Rhoads, associate art director; Andy Carpenter, art director; Mitch Mandel, photographer; Troy Schnyder, photo assistant; Beth Tarson, senior publicist; Beth Davey, publicity director; Hope Clarke, senior project editor; and Meredith Quinn, editorial assistant.

Loretta Barrett, our literary agent, who has devotedly and expertly guided this along with our other book projects.

Tom Garfield, who performed outstanding service in helping us with extensive research and wordsmithing.

Sarah Brangan, who also assisted with research and provided invaluable help in developing the recipes, including testing all of them. Lolita Hanks, FNP, who provided valuable assistance with research.

Laksman Frank, our talented artist and graphic designer, who developed the illustrations.

Our research and communications team, who helped us find, assemble, and communicate the myriad facts in this rapidly changing field: Amara Angelica, Sarah Black, Sarah Reed, Celia Black-Brooks, Emily Brangan, Aaron Kleiner, Kathryn Myronuk, Nanda Barker-Hook, Peter St. Onge, Paula Florez, Diane Henry, and Robyn Stephens.

Our technical team, who helped us communicate with each other: Ken Linde, Sandi Dube, and Matt Bridges.

Our administrative and business team, who kept this project organized and on track: Aaron Kleiner, Denise Scutellaro, Joan Walsh, Maria Ellis, Bob Beal, Casey Beal, Mary Lou Sousa, Ardis Hoffman, Kelli Krill, and Cara Vandel.

Martine Rothblatt, whose dedication and commitment to all of the ideas in this book helped to inspire our work. Donna Rae Smith, RN, for helping to develop and refine our fitness program.

A special thank you to our many readers who have helped us greatly over the years with suggestions, support, and corrections.

Our peer expert readers, who provided invaluable service in assuring the accuracy of the material in this book through fastidious reading of the manuscript and meticulous feedback: Michael Catalano, MD; Paul Dragul, MD; Karen Kurtak, L. Ac., Dipl. Ac.; Lee Light, MD; Joel Miller, MD; Tadashi Mitsuo, MD; Glenn Rothfeld, MD; and Kazuo Tsubota, MD. Special thanks finally to Aubrey de Grey, PhD, both for his seminal contributions to the field of longevity medicine by way of SENS (Strategies for Engineered Senescence) as well as for making time in his already overbooked schedule to read through and comment on the entirety of the manuscript. The above individuals provided many ideas and corrections that we were able to make thanks to their expert guidance. For any mistakes that remain, the authors take sole responsibility.