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Shaker Cup

The Ray & Terry's shaker cup is the perfect companion to our Supreme Meal Replacement Shake Mixes.

Our shaker cup features a mixer screen that snaps into the lid to help break up lumps of powder to ensure complete mixing with the liquid for a creamier shake. The lid also has a convenient drinking spout so you can mix and sip in the same container.

Now you can easily enjoy Ray & Terry's ® Supreme Shakes at work, on vacation, at the gym, or on the go. For a single serving, simply add two scoops of mix to the shaker cup and 8 ounces of your preferred liquid (Ray & Terry recommend unsweetened soy milk). Make sure the lid is on tight, then shake and go!

These handy cups can also be used to make your own healthy salad dressing. Bring packets of stevia along when dining away from home. You can whip up a low-carbohydrate, low-fat salad dressing by combining stevia with lemon juice and/or balsamic vinegar. Add fresh herbs for extra flavor.

Try the cup to mix egg whites for a healthy omlette or shake up your favorite low-carb pancake mix. You can even use one during your commute for sipping a cold drink like iced organic green tea!

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1/4/12 - Pedro P.

Thank you Ray & Terry! Let's keep evolving :-)

12/7/11 - The Best I've Tasted

“Your shake is the best I've tasted. It also satisfies hunger. Congratulations!” -Eduardo G., Miami Beach, FL

10/16/11 - Supreme Chocolate on the Road

"I take a container of Supreme Chocolate and a shaker with me on the road. (I often travel 250 days a year.) It guarantees me a healthy breakfast and, if I need a quick snack in the evening, it substitutes for dessert and everything bad... H...

9/2/11 - 51 Year Old Triathelete (and Business Executive)

“I am a 51 year old triathlete and business executive who intends to live to one hundred in great health. Ray and Terry’s Supreme Shake, like working out, is an important part of my daily routine.” -Steve B., Denver, CO

7/19/11 - I wanted to congratulate you...

“After all of the sites I've searched for it seems that I've finally come upon a really GREAT one! I wanted to congratulate you for giving life and longevity your very best shot… you all excite a guy like me!” -Stuart M., FL

6/13/11 - The information in this book has literally transformed how I live my life.

“Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it. The information in this book has literally transformed how I live my life. I am a much healthier person because of it.” -James R.

1/24/11 - I Love Your Shakes.

"I love your shakes. I never understood why other nutritional supplement shakes had so much sugar. You have really fulfilled a need in the supplement/weight loss market. I have lost weight thanks in large part to your products." -Mack P., Kew G...

1/5/11 - It's The Best!

"I just love your Berry shake...it's the best! It leaves no aftertaste, tastes good, and leaves me feeling satisfied and energized...what more can I ask for?! I love your product and have bought it for my sons and told lots of friends about it. ...

3/21/10 - The INTENSITY of the Chocolate

"I love the chocolate supreme shake- it is helping me lose fat without losing muscle. This is the only thing I've found on the market that has no fructose and tastes incredibly good. Also, thanks for the INTENSITY of the chocolate." -R. A., MD ...

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