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Nanorobots wade through blood to deliver drugs


(Gizmag.com) - Nanorobots hold great potential in the field of medicine. This is largely due to the possibility of highly-targeted delivery of medical payloads, an outcome that could lessen side effects and negate the need for invasive procedures. But how these microscopic particles can best navigate the body's fluids is a huge area of focus for scientists. Researchers are now reporting a new technique whereby nanorobots are made to swim swiftly through the fluids like blood to reach their destination.

Though still an emerging field of science, nanoparticles are gaining something of a reputation as potential multitools for combating things like infections, cancer,type 1 diabetes and even prising open the blood-brain barrier. But they generally can't be simply inserted into the body and left to their own devices, which is why we're seeing the development of techniques aimed at getting them to where they need to go.

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