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Top 10 Genetic Findings of 2010


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CA ,January 11, 2011, 23andMe has released its first annual list of what it felt to be the 10 most interesting and significant genetic findings in 2010, as part of an ongoing journey to understand the role of genetics in personal health and human development.

"Our understanding of the human genome is accelerating at a phenomenal rate," stated Anne Wojcicki, co-founder and CEO of 23andMe. "Below we have compiled a list of our top ten favorite genetic discoveries from 2010. We look forward to exploring more discoveries in 2011."

Customers of 23andMe have the opportunity to learn about how their genetics can influence their individual health traits, risk for developing certain diseases and conditions, reactions to a variety of medications, and ancestry. Throughout the year, 23andMe monitors scientific publications for studies that provide exciting glimpses into these areas. The company provides information on these developments to its customers through continual updates to their Health and Traits reports, as well as "SNPwatch" postings to the company's public blog, "The Spittoon."

More info: http://www.eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2011-01/2i-2pt011211.php

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