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Pregnenolone 50mg

Natural Hormonal Support

  • Maintains hormonal balance
  • Superior absorption
  • Supports mood and memory
  • Fights fatigue

Pregnenolone is often called the “grandmother of all steroid hormones.” It is the precursor used in the body to produce progesterone, estrogen and all other steroid hormones. Pregnenolone converts directly into progesterone and DHEA, which in turn convert into estrogens and testosterone.

Although neurogenesis occurs primarily during the pre-natal period, it has been shown to continue in certain human brain regions, including the hippocampus. Pregnenolone is used in this process, which supports cognitive functions such as mood and memory skills.

Studies indicate that pregnenolone may have specific cognitive benefits and help maintain memory function. It also has been indicated to help decrease anxiety and support a positive mood.1,2,3

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The metabolism of pregnenolone affects energy levels in the body. Supplementation with pregnenolone may help fight fatigue in healthy individuals by modulating hormones such as DHEA and progesterone.4,5

Pregnenolone levels decrease with age, as do most other vital hormones and nutrients in the body.

Natural hormones dosed in capsules are almost entirely expelled by the liver during the first pass. This is called the ‘first pass effect.’ Our tablets are designed for lymphatic absorption to avoid this effect and offer superior absorption compared to most competing products. The manufacturer developed the BLA System™ (Bio-available lymphatic absorption), which uses micronization of the active ingredients in a lipid matrix to avoid the first pass effect and offer absorption and release over 8+ hours. Bio-availability through this system has been affirmed through extensive blood level testing.

Our pregnenolone formulation was initially developed for use in a pharmaceutical environment. It is produced in the same way as the original, but is non-prescription strength.

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