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Science is quickly developing the technologies needed to radically extend the quality human lifespan. Meanwhile, we need to stay healthy long enough to take advantage of these scientific breakthroughs.
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  • Supreme Shake Mixes

    Supreme Shake Mixes

    Not just “fortified," Ray and Terry’s™ Supreme Shakes are made from all health promoting ingredients.
  • Nutritional Products

    Nutritional Products

    Don't choose between nutrition and taste-- these products are formulated with natural ingredients that support health without sacrificin...
  • Targeted Formulas

    Targeted Formulas

    Synergistic blends of ingredients that are beneficial to a particular body system or function.
  • Specific Vitamins And Minerals

    Specific Vitamins And Minerals

    Individual vitamins make it easy to get the optimal dose if you are targeting a particular nutrient.
  • Unique Formulas

    Unique Formulas

    Ray & Terry take ongoing research into account when creating their formulas. These combinations are not found everywhere.
  • Vegetarian Products

    Vegetarian Products

    Products in vegetarian capsules or animal-product-free tablets. Whenever possible, we manufacture without animal ingredients.
  • Packeted Products

    Packeted Products

    Convenience packets of our top recommendations make it easy to get a hassle-free optimal daily dose of each supplement. To get your own...
  • Weight Management

    Weight Management

    Maintaining a healthy weight can lengthen your life and reduce your risk of many serious diseases. Burn fat, increase efficiency, reduce...
  • Mood And Sleep

    Mood And Sleep

    Natural formulas help manage stress, improve and maintain sleep patterns and lift mood.
  • Women's Health

    Women's Health

    Women have specific supplemental needs. These gender-specific products are formulated for women's health, including hormonal balance and...
  • Men's Health

    Men's Health

    Men have specific supplemental needs. These gender-specific products are formulated for men's health.
  • Adults Under 40

    Adults Under 40

    Younger adults have different supplemental needs. If you are under 40, maintain your health now to be in the best position to take advan...
  • Brain Health

    Brain Health

    Maintain sharp memory, limber mental function, concentration and general brain power with the right supplements.
  • Active Lifestyle

    Active Lifestyle

    Support metabolism and provide more energy for an active lifestyle. Maintain normal joint and muscle function, relieve inflammation and ...
  • Top Sellers

    Top Sellers

    Top selling products for optimal health and anti-aging.
  • Hard To Find

    Hard To Find

    Some supplements are just hard to find.
  • Detoxification


    Many types of pollution assault the body on a daily basis. These products support natural detoxification processes.
  • Immunity


    Herbs and nutrients that naturally support healthy immune system function
  • A-Z Product List

    A-Z Product List

    Shop alphabetically by product name.