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Science is quickly developing the technologies needed to radically extend the quality human lifespan. Meanwhile, we need to stay healthy long enough to take advantage of these scientific breakthroughs.
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Ray & Terry's Longevity Products Gift E-Card

Give The Gift of Health.

Ray & Terry’s gift cards make an excellent option for anyone who is health-conscious or interested in longevity. Completely paperless and environmentally conscious, Ray & Terry’s gift cards can be purchased in any amount you choose and are immediately available for use.

Ideal for any occasion, our gift cards are appropriate for corporate health incentives, students, friends and family alike. When you seek something for those that have everything, or when the usual edible or tangible gifts won’t do, consider giving a Ray & Terry’s gift card and the recipient can enjoy any of our healthy and science-based products. We have products for any adult age group and a variety of unique products that range from supplement foundations to cutting-edge formulations.

To purchase a gift card:

  1. Select a pre-arranged amount or fill in your own denomination.
  2. Include your name and email address
  3. Specify your recipient’s name
  4. Enter a gift message if you would like
  5. Then simply add to your cart and checkout

NOTE: The email with the gift code will be delivered immediately to the recipient email that you enter in the form to the right once your order is processed and charged. If you prefer to print the email and give the gift later in person, please make sure to enter your own email address in the recipient field.

If you aren’t sure how to help someone get started on the track to better health and longer life, we suggest showing them our Personalized TRANSCEND™ Survey, which will guide the recipient through questions to identify the most appropriate supplements for their needs. Then they can easily order convenient and personalized packets of foundation supplements. There are no automatic shipments, no commitments and no gimmicks.

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10/30/12 - I've been a follower of the TRANSCEND program and a loyal customer

“I've been a follower of the TRANSCEND program and a loyal customer of rayandterry.com. Twice before I've emailed with a question, and have been pleasantly surprised with both the quickness and thoughtfulness in the responses I received.” ...

1/4/12 - Pedro P.

Thank you Ray & Terry! Let's keep evolving :-)

12/15/11 - A Voice of Reason

“Thank you for your excellent ideas and for sharing them with the world. I am very keen to make good use of the advice in Fantastic Voyage. The thing I like most about the book is that it takes pains to say: ‘this is not a panacea, it's just...

12/10/11 - Ray and Terry's Shakes

“Ray and Terry’s shakes taste really terrific. It is the only Nutritional supplement Drink that my 16 year old daughter and I willingly drink.” -Janice S., Denver, CO

11/18/11 - I am very interested in learning more...

“I am very interested in learning more from Ray and Terry on how to live my life with optimal health and longevity.” -M.B.

11/14/11 - Very interested in improving our health and fitness capabilities.

“We are very interested in improving our health and fitness capabilities. We have seen films on Ray's work and we believe that these steps are necessary to preserve our minds and bodies to prepare for the future of technology, particularly in...

10/31/11 - Transcendent Man

“Watched Transcendent Man. I'm inspired to live a healthy and vibrant life as I move into my late 50's and beyond!” -D. C.

10/11/11 - I am happy to know that there is a company...

"I am happy to know that there is a company and a group of well educated scientist and researchers specializing in longevity products and plans. This is for me, a new way to approach longevity at the right time of my life, and to start a new...

9/18/11 - Top notch.

“Very in-depth survey! Top notch.” -F.L.

9/11/11 - Thank you!

“By taking part in this questionnaire, I have realized a few implementations to consider in my life. Thank you!” -Brett S.

9/2/11 - 51 Year Old Triathelete (and Business Executive)

“I am a 51 year old triathlete and business executive who intends to live to one hundred in great health. Ray and Terry’s Supreme Shake, like working out, is an important part of my daily routine.” -Steve B., Denver, CO

7/28/11 - You gentlemen are the future.

“You gentlemen are the future. Thanks for the inspiration.” -H.G.

7/19/11 - I wanted to congratulate you...

“After all of the sites I've searched for it seems that I've finally come upon a really GREAT one! I wanted to congratulate you for giving life and longevity your very best shot… you all excite a guy like me!” -Stuart M., FL

7/11/11 - I don't think I'll place a limit on my body.

“My goal was once to live to 120. After seeing Transcendent Man, I don't think I'll place a limit on my body.” -M.M.

6/13/11 - The information in this book has literally transformed how I live my life.

“Thank you for your help, I really do appreciate it. The information in this book has literally transformed how I live my life. I am a much healthier person because of it.” -James R.

5/31/11 - Your book had such a profound effect on my life that I've ordered copies for my family.

"Your book had such a profound effect on my life that I've ordered copies for my family. I'm only 32 years old, but after adopting the many of the diet, supplement, and exercise principles, I've lost a bunch of weight. I also feel the best I've...

5/31/11 - Have Never Felt Stronger, Calmer, or Healthier

"Have been doing Ray and Terry supplements (multi-vitamin, more recently the fish oil) for the last 3 years. Have been physically active (cardio and weight-training) for the last 17 years (since my very early 30's) and have avoided red meat for ...

5/16/11 - I immediately felt a renewed sense of energy...

“I ordered a customized set of pills based on your suggestion after I answered your questionnaire. I immediately felt a renewed sense of energy, and have since joined a gym and began exercising.” -S. Torres

10/23/10 - The Ray &Terry Store

"I really enjoy using the Ray & Terry store. It's such a convenient way to get what I want... and I appreciate the chance to share the info with my family and friends." -Andy W., Valdosta, GA

9/28/10 - Easy-to-understand survey!

"What a nice, simple, easy-to-understand survey!" -F.R.

8/31/10 - What a time saver and a travel convenience!

"As somebody who's been supplementing for years, I appreciate the convenience of supplements packaged according to wellness 'themes.' What a time saver and a travel convenience!" -Nina L., Boston, MA

6/26/10 - I enjoy the newsletter.

"Loved the various recipes you sent me. I enjoy the newsletter." -John M.

4/5/10 - I consider Fantastic Voyage the most important book I've ever read.

"Fantastic Voyage does an incredible job of filtering and synthesizing the overwhelming volume of health information, distilling it to a form that is understandable and compelling. Thank you for putting me on the path to long-lasting health. I'v...

3/22/10 - Faithful follower and subscriber for many years now...

“I have been a faithful follower and subscriber for many years now and enjoy great health at 62 I believe as a direct result of the exercise regimen, eating recommendations and your products.” -John M.

3/22/10 - Significant Improvement

"I read Transcend and added the recommended supplements to my diet. There was significant improvement." -JW