What makes Ray & Terry's different from other vitamin companies?

Ray & Terry's Longevity Products is the only line of supplements based on Ray & Terry's extensive scientific research to extend healthy lifespan.

>>Scientific Basis and Credibility
Three words: Live, Well, Forever Ray Kurzweil is an award-winning inventor and top selling author who has been involved in extending human ability beyond our biological limitations for over forty years. Terry Grossman, M.D. is a longevity doctor with a well established clinical practice who has helped many patients live healthier lives. Together, they combine experience and science to address the idea of life extension. Ray & Terry have studied the impact of lifestyle and supplementation at the cellular level and they designed a practical plan that anyone can follow to have a healthier life. By combining a plan to maintain overall health today with the reality of tomorrow's developing technologies, Ray & Terry's reaches beyond other supplement systems to offer us all the chance to Live Well… Forever.

>>High Quality
We revise our formulations often based on ongoing research. We choose the forms and amount of nutrients in our products carefully for bioavailability and optimal dosing. We manufacture in small batches so that our supply is constantly refreshed and changes are implemented rather quickly. For more complete QC information, see below.

Unlike larger generic supplement companies, Ray & Terry's extends highly personalized service. We offer the TRANSCEND personalized health evaluation program free of charge to give you more information about your current health and make practical suggestions for lifestyle and supplementation that are tailored to your personal needs. The evaluation results in a personalized report detailing lifestyle and nutritional recommendations. We also offer customized supplement products that combine the basic supplements for one individual in convenient dosage packets.

Our customer service department goes the extra ten miles to provide personal answers and thoughtful responses. Although we cannot provide medical advice, we do apply all of our expertise to help individuals discover and evaluate solutions for their personal needs. Whether you are interested in Ray & Terry's thoughts or opinions, product recommendations from shampoo to pasta, or looking for citations and resources, we will do our best to provide you with the answers and direction you seek.