Science is quickly developing the technologies needed to radically extend the quality human lifespan. Meanwhile, we need to stay healthy long enough to take advantage of these scientific breakthroughs. In Fantastic Voyage, Ray & Terry discussed the evidence behind scientific life extension and presented three steps, or Bridges, to reach that goal.

  • Bridge 1: What you can do now to eliminate disease and drastically slow down the aging process. TRANSCEND™ is intended to serve as a guide to living long enough in good health and spirits to get you to the next bridge.
  • Bridge 2: Science and medicine are working towards a full Biotechnology Revolution. Upcoming techniques will allow us control over our genes, repairing and preventing damage
  • Bridge 3: The culmination of life extension comes with the Nanotechnology-AI (artificial intelligence) Revolution. At that point, we will be able to protect, repair and prevent at the molecular level. This bridge has the potential to allow us to live indefinitely.

Ray & Terry discuss the three Bridges more fully in this video.