We recommend that you keep a record of all of your test results yourself rather than relying exclusively on your healthcare providers. Having some of your records at one doctor’s office, some with another, others at the hospital and your self test records at home is not an optimal way to keep track of your health data. It is now possible to assemble much of your health information by utilizing free online programs.

Healthvault is a free program available from Microsoft that allows you to keep track of many types of personal health data. You can enter multiple types of health information to create a personal health record that you can share with all your healthcare providers. You can choose what types of data you wish to enter into your health record such as:

  • Your health history
  • Fitness activities such as aerobic or strength training sessions
  • Blood glucose and blood pressure
  • Summaries from hospitalizations
  • Lab test results
  • Medications and allergies

This program also enables you to transfer any or all of your health record online to your healthcare providers.