It is useful to measure your body burden of toxic metals to determine how aggressively you need to pursue their removal. There are several ways to screen for toxins.


Hair Mineral Analysis

  • Tests for heavy metal toxins in the body
  • Can be done at home
  • Uses 1 gram of hair

Environmental Pollutants Panel

  • Evaluates body levels of environmental pollutants
  • Healthcare practitioner must administer
  • Urine test

Hepatic Detoxification Profile

  • Assesses the liver's ability to eliminate toxins
    • Patient takes three mild toxins: caffeine (NoDoz), acetaminophen (Tylenol), and aspirin
    • Saliva sample taken a few hours later to evaluate the caffeine ingestion
    • Blood and urine analysis done the next morning evaluates overall detox function of the liver
  • Consult a physician for testing. For more information on finding a health practitioner, click here. This link goes to a blank page. Should go to:

Detoxification Capacity

  • Consider testing for genomic detoxification abnormalities
  • Learn to boost your detoxification potential.