A lot of talk is happening around Kurzweil’s talk with Mashable’s Jessica Coen at SXSW 2018. For those of you who weren’t able to attend the event in-person, below are a few highlights from the event, as well as a full-length video of the discussion.

ray kurzweil at sxsw 2018

Biotechnology and DNA -

 As you might know, Kurzweil is a staunch believer in the positive implications of biotechnology on our overall health and life longevity. He believes biotech is not a reactionary tool for disease cure, but a proactive form of medicine that can be used to reprogram the outdated software in our bodies; quite possibly eliminating the chances of certain diseases altogether.

Additionally, Kurzweil believes that immunotherapy––the process of feeding artificial proteins to our immune system to help combat ailments–– is the closest thing to altering and improving DNA. And that soon, it will soon become commonplace.

During the discussion, Kurzweil encourages us to look at the human body as an advanced computer. Looks like we are ready to take the first step in merging technology with our body.


Artificial Intelligence in 2029 -

When talking about the rapidly evolving sphere of artificial intelligence, Kurzweil reiterated his prediction for the year 2029; stating that he believes by the year 2029, artificial intelligence(AI) will match - and exceed - human intelligence. With the all the research that has already been done and the exponential progress made by the mainstream adoption of AI, Kurzweil believes that his prediction might even be conservative!


Quick to remind us that AI is not a takeover of our world by intelligent machines, Kurzweil believes instead, that AI can be used to intensify our intelligence in the same way a lens can be used to intensify sunlight.

The exponential progress achieved by technological research in the healthcare and optimization sector has helped Ray Kurzweil to strongly predict that our lifespan will increase for every year keeping us ahead of the curve. This is his ‘Law of Accelerating Returns’. We hope that you enjoyed the short recap of his interview at SXSW 2018. Please let us know what you think of the interview and his predictions, in the comment section.