Ray & Terry recommend attaining optimal weight to maintain optimal health. A slew of health issues are attributed to excess weight, from heart disease to diabetes and cancer. But the pressure to attain a healthy weight can be intense. How can you overcome the stress and still pursue your optimal weight?

Do not make weight loss your primary goal. Rather, adopt a healthy pattern of eating with a sustainable level of calories and approach your optimal weight gradually.

Adopt a moderate or low carbohydrate level. High carbohydrate foods like starches and sugars promote an unhealthy glucose spike. Complex carbs can be included in moderation.

Focus on good fats and fiber to feel more satisfied on fewer calories.

Learn easy recipes using prime healthy ingredients. Western cultures rarely include vegetables at breakfast. Start out right with a different approach first thing in the morning.

Try our Israeli breakfast or Japanese breakfast ideas. Ray & Terry’s kitchen resources offer a number of easy recipes for daily meal plans.

Take supplements that promote better metabolic function. Nutritional supplements can prompt the body to burn more fat and metabolize more carbs and calories. We recommend digestive enzymes, probiotics, as well as cellular energy boosters as part of a healthy weight management plan.

Learn how your genetics can help you eat, exercise and live better. Not everyone responds to exercise and nutrition the same way. Genetics explains why some people respond well to a specific program while others might struggle. Why guess which type of exercise and food is best for you? Gene Blueprint will interpret your genetics and provide the answers. Achieve your fitness and nutrition goals faster, more efficiently and with longer lasting results when you personalize your health and wellness journey.

Know your optimal daily calorie intake. When you are thinking about your weight, whether the goal is better style or better health, the key is sustainability. Get detailed dietary guidelines and pinpoint your optimal calorie level here.