What quality control measures do you utilize?

Quality Control Measures All of our manufacturers are GMP compliant. Many of the vitamins and minerals we use are USP certified which affirms the integrity of the raw material. Other ingredients must meet FDA guidelines for microbiological testing, heavy metal content, pesticides, etc.

Every batch of all of our products is tested for purity. We hold Certificates of Accuracy for all of our products, which verify the amounts contained in each product, and we require certificates for raw materials.

There is a strict measure of quality control followed during the manufacturing of any of our formulas. Tablet or capsule samples are pulled randomly and routinely during the production of each and every batch. These are tested for weight, density and disintegration. Our tablets are compressed following FDA guidelines for disintegration and must dissolve within 45 minutes to pass quality control procedures. All formulations are prepared using FDA guidelines for quality control procedures. (For example: our fish oil is in strict compliance with California Proposition 65. The guidelines set in the proposition are at <3ppm for the heavy metals and our formula comes in at <1ppm).

All production and analytical records associated with a batch of a product are retained for at least one year past the expiration date of the batch. Records are also maintained for all raw materials and other components for at least one year after the expiration date of the last lot of product incorporating any of these materials or components.

For more information, please see the manufacturing section of our FAQs.