Q. My PSA level was at 4.0 last year and I was told to wait 6 months to re-test. I have been on a low fat diet and am taking various supplements. Any suggestions on what else I can do to get the PSA down?

A. A PSA of 4 is relatively high, although the test has been criticized as not very accurate. Also, the trend (whether it is going up and at what rate) is the most important consideration. You should retest and assess your options for further information with capable healthcare practitioners.

PSA is not a diagnostic test for prostate cancer, so it's not simply a test for a risk factor as in the case of, say, LDL cholesterol (for heart disease). So you need to carry through with this diagnostic process, and go from there.

The overall recommendations in our book including especially the chapter on cancer provide ideas for reducing the risk of cancer.