It would be ok to have which of the following after a meal to satisfy your sweet tooth?

  1. Melon pieces
  2. Fruit mousse
  3. Chocolate shake
  4. Kugel (sweet noodle pudding)
  5. All of the above
  6. None of the above

ANSWER: e. All of the above

Good news! There are a number of sweets that you can enjoy in moderation without loading up on sugar and calories. Ray & Terry suggest a few:

Melon Salad incorporates low glycemic melons and lime juice for flavor without added sweetener.
Strawberry Banana Mousse is a creamy whipped fruit mousse directly from Ray's kitchen
Chocolate Mint Frosty uses our Supreme® shake mix to blend a refreshing and chocolatey shake without sugar or excess calories.
Kugel (Sweet Noodle Pudding) can be made using Miracle Noodles and zero sugar.