Q. Personal Economic Considerations - Living longer would mean needing more money for a longer time. Many people, by the time they reach their 70's, are worried about how long their retirement money will last, and are weary of a lifetime of work. How do you address personal economic considerations associated with longevity and life-extension therapies?

A. This is a long discussion, but it is not THAT expensive. It is MUCH less expensive than, say, having bypass surgery or chemotherapy. Of course, people consider those things "free" because insurance covers it (assuming one has insurance). The bottom line is that these therapies more than pay for themselves in terms of improved health and vitality.

Q. How do you address the population issues that might arise if people were able to live forever?

A. It is important to take future developments and technologies into consideration. If radical life extension were the only change in the world, that indeed would lead to problems. But future nanotechnology based manufacturing will enable virtually any product to be created at almost no cost and we will be able to meet the material needs of an expanding population. Ray Kurzweil discusses this in detail in his new book, The Singularity is Near, When Humans Transcend Biology. See http://www.singularity.com.