Finding a Practitioner

Talking with your doctor is a cornerstone of the TRANSCEND program. For a consultation or to find a source for the testing and evaluation recommended in the book, we recommend consulting the lists below.

There are three organizations that maintain lists of physicians and other healthcare practitioners who are open to new ideas and willing to work with their patients on optimal wellness programs and early detection of disease.

  • The American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM) lists over 1000 physicians trained in complementary, alternative and integrative medicine. (800) 532-3688
  • The American Academy of Antiaging Medicine (A4M) is an organization of over 17,000 physicians and describes itself as “the only non-profit, non-commercial, medical society in the world devoted to eradicating the degenerative diseases of aging.” (800) 558-1267
  • The American Holistic Medical Association (AHMA) is “the leading advocate for the use of holistic and integrative medicine by all licensed healthcare providers.” (216) 292-6644.
  • The Grossman Wellness Center is Terry's clinic in Denver, CO, where patients from all regions of the United States and every continent participate in comprehensive wellness and executive health evaluations based on the TRANSCEND program. (303)233-4247 or (877)548-4387.