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Science is quickly developing the technologies needed to radically extend the quality human lifespan. Meanwhile, we need to stay healthy long enough to take advantage of these scientific breakthroughs.
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Anti-Aging KAIN Kit

Fight Aging with a Bioavailable Supplement Combination

  • Fight aging at the cellular level
  • Protect heart, brain, liver, muscles
  • Enhance blood health
  • Maintain youthful function

How can we use scientific supplementation to slow the aging process?

These three unique products are scientifically designed to help counteract the biological effects of aging in your cells. Adding this combination to your existing regimen gives you a powerful edge against the aging process.

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Acetyl Glutathione - Highly absorbable form of glutathione, linked to every major aging process.

  • Absorbable at cellular level
  • Regulates metabolic function
  • Assists detoxification
  • Enhance blood health

ALA/ALC/Carnosine/GSE (Anti-aging Complex) - Designed to fight aging, this formula provides a significant amount of natural protection in just two capsules.

  • Increase energy
  • Improves learning and memory
  • Fight biochemical causes of aging
  • Maintain cellular integrity

Curcumall® - Technological-advanced form of curcumin extract to support cellular health and more.

  • Preserve healthy brain function
  • Soothe gastrointestinal inflammation
  • Help maintain joint health and ease muscle pain
  • Support cardiovascular health

All of these products are vegetarian, natural, and produced in accordance with GMP guidelines for the utmost in quality and potency.

This scientifically-based group of products is designed to:

  • Replenish nutrients that deplete with age
  • Provide fuel for internal energy
  • Protect your bodily systems from biochemical aging

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Read more information below...

Acetyl Glutathione

Glutathione works within the cells as a potent antioxidant and regulates metabolic processes in the human body. Research links depletion of glutathione to every major aging process in the human body.

Because it has a very short lifespan in the blood and loses its ability to enter the cells, glutathione supplementation has been ineffective in the past, except by intravenous delivery. When taken by IV, glutathione has a strong influence on metabolism, but still dissipates quickly. For this reason, Ray & Terry have never recommended a glutathione supplement before.

But acetyl-glutathione is well absorbed orally and assimilated by the cells. How? Amino acids must be escorted by a transport molecule to successfully infiltrate the cells. Acetyl-glutathione, which is produced in the liver, travels to the tissues unharmed because of its acetyl component.

Glutathione supports healthy cellular function and immunity. It helps maintain liver health and detoxifies the liver from reactive oxygen species. In addition, glutathione extends the lifespan of red blood cells, which increases blood count and provides strength to the body.

Our formula is vegetarian approved.


ALA/ALC/Carnosine/GSE (Anti-aging Complex)

Specifically designed to provide a significant amount of antioxidant and anti-aging protection in just two capsules.

Significant dosages of the powerful antioxidants, alpha lipoic acid and grape seed extract are combined with acetyl-l-carnitine (a potent source of energy) to produce a commanding formulation.

The cross-link breaker, carnosine, helps balance the formula and ward against several of the known biochemical causes of aging.

This custom blend can play a valuable role in anyone’s anti-aging supplement regimen.

Our formula is vegetarian approved.



Typically, curcumin is poorly absorbed into the blood stream through the digestive tract. Curcumall® is more readily absorbed than most available curcumin products due to its extraction process and form. This technologically advanced formula delivers more curcumin to the blood while optimizing its efficacy:

Studies have shown that curcumin has both potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory capabilities yet many people have trouble taking curcumin as a supplement due to gastrointestinal upset and/or poor absorption. Curcumall® is an all-natural herbal supplement developed over the course of five years by scientists in the health and medical research fields to harness the health giving properties of curcumin without the problem of stomach upset and with improved absorption.

The potential health benefits of curcumin seem almost limitless. There are additional studies currently underway to explore further uses and to examine the effects more closely in human subjects. Read the blog by the creators of Curcumall® for tips and research updates.

Curcumall is produced using a patented curcumin ingredient called C3 Complex®, because it contains all three important chemical compounds collectively known as Curcuminoids in an optimal ratio. This material has been patented because of its unique composition ratio and use, and has been shown to protect biological systems. In fact, the C3 Complex® is on par with material used in clinical studies (often this level of purity is not commercially available to the public).

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"I have been applying a number of the basic recommendations from Fantastic Voyage, which has changed my whole outlook on life and I can really feel the benefits. I was eating the wrong foods, was overweight, took little or no exercise, got ...

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